Prana Chai Peppermint Blend 250 g

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All-Natural, No Sugars, No Syrups, No Concentrates, No Preservatives.

The Peppermint Blend draws on a summer tradition in India, where peppermint is lovingly combined with your traditional masala chai spices to add a refreshing flavour dimension and relieve heat stress.Exceptionally balanced and easy to drink – especially as a cold brew for hot weather – our Prana Chai Peppermint Blend is designed to preserve the Prana (life force) in our tea.That means it’s handcrafted with #onlythegoodstuff. Natural ingredients without preservatives or artificial sweeteners.Rest assured, it’s not just good for sweltering days. One sip of our Peppermint Blend and you’ll know this combination was always *mint* to be.If you’re trialing this delectable brew for the first time, grab a single bag today and prepare to be amazed. Already a fan? Sign up to our subscription to save 20% on every purchase.Ingredients: premium black tea, pure honey, cinnamon, cardamom, star anise, clove, peppercorn, ginger root, peppermint.Serves 15 cups per 250g.

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